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Caravan servicing

Motorhome habitation checks

As members of the Approved Workshop Scheme we work

to a very high standard and are independently checked

and verified.

Your manufacturers warranty is safe in our hands.

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About us

We’re a family owned business who strive to ​give you, our customers the best possible ​service, Our business manager Diane Croucher ​ensures everything is run smoothly and up to ​date, While Alan Croucher manages the ​workshop and our engineers.

Our team of qualified engineers have over 70 ​years of combined experience in the leisure ​vehicle industry. We insure our training is up to ​date, regularly attending manufacturers ​product training as well as gas and electrical ​qualifications.

Being part of the Approved Workshop Scheme ​ensures our standard of work by being ​independant checked and verified.

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what Else do WE offer

Appliance Repairs

If you put the contents of your ​kitchen in a trailer and drove ​100miles would you expect it to ​work afterwards?

Your leisure vehicle is no ​different and although the ​manufacturers try to make ​everything as strong as ​possible things will go wrong ​from time to time.

We have everything covered ​and if parts are no longer ​available an upgrade is always ​an option.


I’ll just mention a few, if it’s not ​here let us know what you ​would like.

Motormovers - Solar panels

Air Conditioning - BBQ point

230v sockets - USB sockets

Awnings - Satellite dishes - ​WiFi

Inverters - Extra batteries

Security locks - Additional ​lights

Refillable gas systems

Alde heating flush and fill

Damp Repairs

Let’s start with this true ​statement. All caravans ​suffer from damp or using ​the correct term, water ​ingress. It’s just some suffer ​more than others. Working ​out where the water is ​getting in isn’t easy. It could ​be through rails, window or ​skylights. But once it gets in ​it’s trapped until it causes ​damage. The good news is ​once found we can cut out ​the effected area and ​rebuild as good as new.

what they say

Alan was really helpful, we weren’t even his ​customers, just approached him for advice from ​France.

I would highly recommend him.

Carly kane

Wow, what fantastic service. Had a tap water leak ​on our Carthago that flooded the kitchen. Due to ​cross the channel by Eurotunnel. We were back on ​the road in no time with holiday saved.

Richard gordon-wilson

Alan provided a fantastic service, ably helped by ​Steve. Within 24 hours he sourced and fitted a ​caravan hitch and assembly, enabling us to ​continue our holiday . We would highly ​recommend ARC.

Anne moran

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